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How to Engage and Motivate Youth

Published: March 10, 2016

To better understand the reluctance of youth when it comes to accessing local employment services Workforce Planning Hamilton worked in partnership with the Neighbourhood Action Strategy and youth from identified neighbourhoods in Hamilton. 

Focus groups were held with youth and some became "secret shoppers" and visited the Employment Ontario Employment services.

On the whole employment services were ranked as average or very good. There are still areas that can be improved, in particular the services' use of social media.

Mentoring Youth Toward Employment

Published: September 10, 2015

 To positively address the needs of youth who experience barriers to employment, the authors of the report suggest that WPH develop a program that promotes and fosters the building of high-quality relationships between mentor and mentee.

Exploring Career Pathways in Hamilton

Published: March 31, 2015

This report is a companion piece to "Putting the Puzzle Together: Skills Alignment in Hamilton's Transforming Economy.

Whether you are looking for your very first job, a new job after being laid-off, or a job that is better suited to your skills, you can prepare yourself to succeed by exploring career pathways.



TECH 2014: Women at Work

Published: February 27, 2014

To introduce more young women to the option of a career in the skilled trades, the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board and the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board, with funding from Employment Ontario, presented Tech 2014: Women at Work at Mohawk's Stoney Creek Campus on February 25, 2014.  Tech 2014 was organized by Workforce Planning Hamilton, and supported by the Industry Education Council Hamilton.

This booklet was distributed to each participant. 

Employment in Hamilton: HEC handout

Published: April 22, 2013

This information was created for McMaster students who participated in the Hamilton Employment Crawl on May 1 and 2/13.  Included is information about what is happening in Hamilton's economy; where are the jobs; where is Hamilton headed; and the key clusters of economic development. 

Checking the Pulse: A Labour Market Profile of the Health Care Industry in Hamilton

Published: March 8, 2013

With an increase in employment of over 10% between 2007 and 2012, the health care sector is one of the Hamilton CMA's (which includes Burlington and Grimsby) fastest growing areas of economic development.  This report includes an overview of the broad health care sector in Hamilton, information on ambulatory health care services, hospitals, and nursing and residential care facilities.

Moving Forward: Employment Programs for Youth at Risk in the City of Hamilton, 2006

Published: June 5, 2012

This report focuses on youth who are the most likely to fall short of their potential: high school dropouts.  They are also known as "youth at risk" because they tend to fare worse in every single important life outcome compared to those who acquire more education.  These individuals comprise 10 to 30% of the youth population.

Employment in Hamilton: Yours to Discover

Published: April 20, 2012

This handout was developed for the participants of the Hamilton Employment Crawl, who are students at McMaster University.  Much of the labour market information included can be useful to people of all ages who are looking to be more informed about Hamilton's labour market.

Included: The six areas identified by the City of Hamilton as part of its Economic Development Strategy; Top 10 sectors of employment in Hamiton; Top 10 growth occupations; specific labour market information regarding manufacturing, healthcare, social services, creative industries, public administration and finance.

Youth Strategy for Hamilton: Attraction, Retention, Engagement and Development

Published: February 9, 2012

The goal of this report is to lay the groundwork for a comprehensive Youth Strategy in Hamilton, a strategy that will contribute to the development and expansion of the city’s skilled workforce and prepare us for future challenges.

This report identifies four objectives of a made-in-Hamilton youth strategy: attraction, retention, engagement, and development. Through use of a local environmental scan of written and organizational resources, the report identifies strengths, weaknesses, and gaps in knowledge around these four objectives.

Workforce Focus, November 2011- Youth

Published: December 5, 2011

Youth employed in our region most commonly work in sales and service occupations, representing 53% of all youth employment.  Occupations in business, finance and administration and trades, transport and equipment operations offer good opportunities for youth in Hamilton.

Promising Sectors in Hamilton's Labour Market

Published: February 23, 2010
Ten promising sectors are profiled, ranging from admin/support services to education, to warehouse and storage.  Featured are interviews with employers and labour market information on each sector.

Realities and Possibilities: A Report on Employer Experiences and Thoughts about the Employment of Youth

Published: January 1, 2010
WPH research on employer experiences and their thoughts about the employment of youth.

Max Valiquette Presentation, Feb. 24, 2009

Published: February 24, 2009
Presentation by Max Valiquette of Youthography on coping with a multi-generational workforce.

Making "Them" Work: MAXimizing your multi-gen workforce

Published: January 1, 2009
Results of Dreams and Expectations report; description of different age groups; tips to working with a multi-generational workforce.

Dreams and Expections: A Report on Conversations with Hamilton Youth on Work and Careers

Published: January 1, 2009
Research with youth 15-24 years of age regarding their experiences and expectations of the work place.

S.O.S. School's Out Symposium Fact Sheets

Published: June 3, 2007
Tips to getting started on a job search, how to network, writing a great cover letter, etc.

Workforce Focus Volume 1, Issue 6 - Youth

Published: March 1, 2007
Hamilton labour market information on the industry trends and workforce issues affecting youth (ages 15-24).

Falling Through the Cracks: Researching Literacy Needs of Youth Ages 16-18

Published: January 1, 2002
An evaluation of the literacy service needs of high-risk youth in Hamilton and literacy service delivery model recommendations to meet these needs.