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Hamilton Training Network: Feasibility Study Final Report

Published: January 1, 2006
A discussion paper on the desirability and practicality of establishing a web-based information and training network in Hamilton.

Environmental Scan 2002 - 2003

Published: June 1, 2002
A snapshot of the economy identifying human resources development issues relating to training and the Hamilton labour market.

Local Area Plan 2002

Published: April 1, 2002
A comprehensive listing of activities and partnerships that address issues and needs identified in WPH's Environmental Scan.

With an open door...: A Report on the Labour Market Transition of Immigrant Nurses in Hamilton

Published: March 3, 2002

Study draws attention to the skills, knowledge and experience of internationally educated nurses which represent an untapped labour pool in Hamilton's economy.

Annual Report to the Community 2002

Published: January 1, 2002
WPH year in review.

Falling Through the Cracks: Researching Literacy Needs of Youth Ages 16-18

Published: January 1, 2002
An evaluation of the literacy service needs of high-risk youth in Hamilton and literacy service delivery model recommendations to meet these needs.

HR Matters: Phase I

Published: January 1, 2002
Research commissioned by the City of Hamilton Economic Development Department to examine the long-term implications of an aging population on the city's economy.

Local Area Plan Update - November 2002

Published: January 1, 2002
An updated action plan to address labour force issues in the Hamilton community.