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Projects & Partnerships

Partnership commitments 2020 – 2021



EmployerOne has become foundational in our labour market research.  While census information offers us a deep understanding of labour market trends, EmployerOne offers the up-to-the-minute snapshot of where Hamilton’s labour market is at.  It also keeps us in touch with a wide range of employers of all sectors and sizes


Skills for the Future Forum:

Skills of all kinds continue to be the most discussed aspect of the workforce.  Lack of soft skills, specialized technical skills and essential skills are all frequently mentioned.  Thought leaders in workforce development suggest that we should be encouraging workforce development specialists to move away from promoting occupations and make the conversation revolve around skills. 

We have partnered with Mohawk College Enterprise to bring you our virtual interactive series: Skills for the Future Forum. Three virtual interactive sessions featuring in-depth discussion and learning from a range of experts on funding opportunities and the skills employees require to be successful now and in the future. 

Session 1: February 9: Skills in a Pandemic Era

Session 2: February 16: Funding Opportunities to Support Skills Development

Session 3: February 23: The Evolution of Workplace Skills

Register here.


Restart & Recovery: COVID-19 in Hamilton Survey

The world’s economy has been shaken by the global COVID-19 pandemic, shutting down cities, millions of people losing their jobs, and ultimately taking the lives of many people. Hamilton was no exception; and the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on our city, our economy, and our labour market. Workforce Planning Hamilton knew it was important to understand the impact COVID-19 had on Hamilton businesses and this survey was aimed at local employers to gather real time information. The survey was open from August 10 to 19th 2020, to all sectors and sizes, and focused on main aspects of business. We received 244 responses and the aggregate data collected will provide insight to how Hamilton businesses are faring during these challenging times (for most). The breakdown of businesses that completed the survey shows a good representation reflecting Hamilton’s economic make-up.


In-Demand Skilled Trades – Follow Up:

WPH is wrapping up our engagement work on the skilled trades in Hamilton.  Given the acute labour shortages identified, there is much work to be done.  This project aims to bring together key partners in the community including Mohawk College, Economic Development, Hamilton Chamber and Hamilton Skilled Trades Advisory Committee to facilitate the development a robust skilled trades strategies across the skilled trades that compliment and enhances existing initiatives. In partnership with Mohawk College Apprenticeship Community hub, we are developing an Apprenticeship Employer Toolkit - aimed at supporting employers during the hiring crisis in our community by providing easily accessible online information.

The Toolkit will support employers through recruitment and retention of apprentices, including guidance and tips to successfully on-board and retain apprentices featuring specific information on: Recruitment, Registration, Training, Monitoring, Financial Incentives, Education, and Completion.

We will be hosting a virtual Zoom forum on March 1st from 8:30am-10am to present the Apprenticeship Employer Toolkit to skilled trades employers in Hamilton to gather employer feedback about how this new comprehensive digital Toolkit can work for employers. 


On-going WPH Projects

Labour Market Snapshot: Quarterly LMI Reports: WPH produces quarterly Labour Market Snapshot reports using data from Talent Neuron, and the Labour Force Survey.

Local Labour Market Plan Update: WPH will update the local labour market plan will focus on data from our EmployerOne survey and any skills shortages identified. In addition, WPH will review EO data and consult with service providers to identify any new or emerging trends among jobseekers using services

WIN Hamilton.ca: Regular updates and postings will continue in 2019-20.

WPH Newsletter: Our weekly newsletter continues to be well received by employers and service providers

MAGNET: WPH is working with the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce to establish an Industry Partnership and promote the Magnet tool.