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Projects & Partnerships

Partnership Activities for 2019-20

Employer One Survey

This is the 7th year for the survey, which engages employers of all sizes and sectors in Hamilton to develop a more accurate picture of labour market demand in our city.  Every year our response rate improves as more employers become aware of the survey and the opportunity to provide data that will impact workforce development and reseach in the community. 

To get a fresh perspective on the survey and assess employer experience we will host two focus groups in May 2019 with employers who have completed the survey in the past to gather ideas and input with the goal of revising the survey.

Mobilizing our Workforce: Strategies for the Long-term Unemployed

The goal of this project is to develop a community-wide strategy to address the barriers and issues of long term unemployed people. In 2019-20 the project will set the stage and establish priority actions for future work in this area. A steering committee will be formed, data will be researched and barriers to employment researched.

Employer Recruitment and Retention Toolkit

WPH will partner with Mohawk College Enterprise to develop a guide that provides information on best practices in recruitment, retention and onboarding to ensure a successful hire and integration process. The guide will be designed to lower employer's recruitment costs by ensuring the best match in hiring and supportive integration through orientation, resulting in less turnover. The guide will focus on Transportation & Warehousing.

Labour Supply Survey Pilot

The purpose of this pilot is to better understand the work experience from a labour supply perspective. Survey questions will be designed to complement the Employer One survey with an employee/jobseeker perspective. The survey will ask jobseekers about their job search approach, the quality of their job experience and job satisfaction and the things they value in a workplace.

On-going WPH Projects

Labour Market Snapshot: Quarterly LMI Reports

WPH produces quarterly Labour Market Snapshot reports using data from Talent Neuron, and the Labour Force Survey.

WIN Hamilton.ca

Regular updates and postings willl continue in 2019-20.

WPH Newsletter

Our weekly newsletter continues to be well received by employers and service providers


WPH is working with the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce to establish an Industry Partnership and promote the Magnet tool.