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Projects & Partnerships

Partnership Activities for 2017-18

Employer One Survey

This is the 5th year for the survey, which engages employers of all sizes and sectors in Hamilton to develop a more accurate picture of labour market demand in our city. 

The data collected will be analyzed and compiled in a user-friendly report for job seekers, employment counsellors and others.

LRT In Hamilton: A Career Opportunity 

The LRT will create new economic opportunities in Hamilton. It will also create countless jobs. WPH will examine the types of jobs and training opportunities that this initiative will create in Hamilton. We will connect with the LRT office, Metrolinx and key contractors to identify the skills required and the skill building opportunities available.The informatoin will be captured in a report that will feature profiles of key occupations and identify the training required.

Soft Skills Initiative, Phase 3

Phase 3 will include WPH developing a series of videos that promote the top soft skills in demand as identified by local employers. WPH will develop 3-5 short videos, each one focusing on a unique soft skill (e.g. communications) with employers discussing why this skill is critical for their sector. These videos will be made available to service providers to use in workshops and in soft skills presentations.

Skills Trades Research

WPH will conduct research inot shortages in skilled trades to determine the alignment between supply and demand. We will work with new census information and information from the Ontario College of Trades to shed light on skilled trades occupations that may have critical shortages. We will re-examine industrial trades wiwth the new data and add research on key trades in motive power and construction. We will include an employer consultation component. The result will be published in a report that provides details of skilled trades in demand.

On-going WPH Projects

Quarterly LMI Reports

WPH moves from a monthly Labour Force Survey report to quarterly reports.

20th Anniversary Event

We'll be hosting an event in November 2017 to celebrate WPH's 20th Anniversary

Advancing Women in Non-Traditional Occupations

WPH will continue to work with the YWCA to promote this resource to skilled trades employers. 

WIN Hamilton.ca

Regular updates and postings willl be a priority for 2017-18.

Soft Skills event with Bruce Tulgan

A proposed keynote event with noted soft skills expert Bruce Tulgan


WPH's partners were interested in continuing this event. It will take place this year pending a decision based on available funds, sponsorships and interest.

LMI Workshops for Counsellors/others

Staff will develop a standardized LMI workshop to be advertised and delivered in an "on demand" basis to employment services, literacy service providers and others.

WPH Newsletter

The newsletter will now include LFS results as a side-bar on every newsletter and has updated our distribution list to include more employers.


WPH is working on a partnership with the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce to establish an Industry Partnership and promote the Magnet tool.