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Workforce Trends in Hamilton: A Supplement to the 2013 Labour Market Plan

October 17, 2013
Posted in: News

During the six months since Workforce Planning Hamilton (WPH) released our 2013 Labour Market Plan new data has become available through the National Household Survey as well as a special data set that profiles job seeking clients accessing Employment Ontario services and programs.

With this new information along with updates to other labour market indicators we have prepared a brief  report that explores workforce trends in Hamilton with a special emphasis on Hamilton’s workforce and job seeking clients.
Key findings include: 
  • Youth are less likely to access employment services than people of prime working age
  • Clients with specialized needs can be difficult to serve due to increased barriers to obtaining sustainable employment
  • Education levels of EO clients are lower than those of the employed workforce
  • A low number of employment service clients are referred to an apprenticeship program


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