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Employer One Survey

Business Impact Survey - EmployerOne 2021 Report LAUNCHED! 

The results are in! For the eighth year Workforce Planning Hamilton (WPH) has delivered the EmployerOne Survey. This year, EmployerOne pivoted; we partnered with City of Hamilton Economic Development to develop and distribute the Business Impact Survey. This survey included workforce development question from our usual EmployerOne survey but also focused on the impacts businesses have endured through the global pandemic.  Hamilton employers across all industries shared their hiring experience on the most in-demand jobs in Hamilton and highlighted recruitment, retention and skills concerns.  This survey provides a snapshot of how local employers were fairing in the January 2020 labour market.  This year 1,559 employers completed the EmployerOne Business Impact survey.

 Click here to read the report! 

EmployerOne 2021 Launched!
WPH has partnered with the City of Hamilton to deliver this year’s EmployerOne Survey to collect local labour market information and to also understand how COVID-19 is affecting local businesses.  
The survey has 22 questions and will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete. We encourage Hamilton businesses of all sectors and sizes to complete the survey. 
The results of the survey will provide insight to economic impacts on our local businesses and help support the recovery of our community. WPH will be able to gather, understand, and share labour market information to better understand how Hamilton is fairing through the pandemic as we navigate this new year. The information collected will also uncover important data and trends, strengthen our awareness of current local issues to help target advocacy efforts with higher levels of government, and help guide and finalize City of Hamilton's 2021-2025 Economic Development Action Plan.
WPH will provide a community report with the aggregated data to share the Hamilton labour market trends we uncover. In cooperation with the Hamilton, Flamborough and Stoney Creek Chambers of Commerce, Hamilton’s 13 Business Improvement Areas, and our valued partners we appreciate your support sharing this survey with Hamilton-based businesses. 
Employers who complete the survey can be entered to win a FREE booth at the Connect to Careers virtual job fair on March 3rd, 2021, valued at $650! 

EmployerOne Survey Results 2020 are released!
Thank you to the Hamilton-based employers who completed our EmployerOne Survey for 2020. We collected data from over 250 employers and heard about their hiring plans, challenges, and recruitment needs. However, due to the recent spread of COVID-19 this information no longer represents Hamilton's current labour market, as it was supposed to. We will use this data as a baseline to understand the impacts and changes occuring on our city throughout the pandemic. 

 Complete EmployerOne 2020 Today!

If you do one survey this year…this is the one to complete! On an annual basis Workforce Planning Hamilton uses the EmployerOne survey to take the pulse of the local labour market.

Why is EmployerOne Survey important?

EmployerOne is the most efficient way for Hamilton employers of all sizes and sectors to partner with WPH in building a strong workforce and prosperity for themselves, as well as for the community by sharing your individual business challenges and hiring plans for the future we capture a snapshot of labour market trends in Hamilton and share the feedback with community partners.

Who should complete EmployerOne?

All Hamilton employers and business owners are asked to complete the survey  This includes: Dundas, Ancaster, Waterdown, Flamborough, Glanbrook and Stoney Creek employers. Your individual responses will be kept confidential. The survey is live until January 31, 2020.


Complete the survey here!


Employer One Survey results for 2019 released!
This year 326 employers completed the survey, an increase of almost 50 employers from the previous year. The results of our survey reflect that it's an exciting time to be a job seeker because Hamilton's economy is growing and we have a low unemployment rate. 
Conversely it's a challenging time for employers who are trying to hire, retain staff and grow their businesses.
Click here to read the Employer One survey results in French.
Many thanks to all our partners who shared out the survey and to the employers who took the time to complete the survey!


Results for the 2018 EmployerOne Survey

Thanks to the 278 employers and organizations who completed the survey! Also, a huge thanks to our numerous partners who shared the survey out to their contacts. Our success is due, in large part, to your efforts.

This year saw an increase in completions. 

Click here to read the Employer One Survey results in English.

Click here to read the results in French.


Results for the 2017 EmployerOne Survey were released earlier this year

Check out the report to find out the latest information from local employers on:

  • Employment Outlook
  • Recruitment
  • Skills and Education
  • Six Things You Need to Know

Click here to read the complete report.

This year 238 employers completed the survey, which is an increase of 100 employers from last year. The responses from employers represent virtually every sector and employer size in the local economy.
Thanks to all the employers who completed the survey, as well as our partners: Mohawk College, Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, City of Hamilton, employment service providers, and many others.
Without all their hard work this project would not be possible.

Employers:  Thank you for completing the 2016 Employer One Survey!
In January 2016, 144 employers completed the survey and shared their company's hiring needs, challenges, and future plans, providing valuable current labour market information 
What did we learn from this year's survey?
  • Fewer employers stated that they are hiring this year. This can be an indication of an economy that is slowing down.
  • Small businesess are more likely to recruit through unsolicited resumes and word of mouth as opposed to online mediums.
  • Social media is gaining popularity as a recruitment method with 35% of employers using it.
  • Year after year, employers place a strong emphasis for candidates to have strong soft skills (ie. communications skills, work ethic, professionalism) and the need for increased skills. 
  •  College diplomas or trades certificates are the most desirable educational background for the majority of jobs with the exception of Managerial, Executive, and Professional positions.

Hire Learning Survey 2015 Report (The Hire Learning Survey has been rebranded as the Employer One Survey)
Thanks to all the employers who completed the Hire Learning Survey for 2015! 

2014 Hire Learning Survey: The Complete Series of Results
 In January 2014, WPH released the first annual Hire Learning Survey (HLS).  The survey will be released every January to enable WPH to track emerging trends over time.
A total of 143 employers completed the survey, sharing their real-time labour market information, including current and future hiring needs, skill and educational requirements, etc.  The HLS is part of WPH's Hire Learning Initiative, which includes a series of quarterly job vacancy reports.
The Hire Learning Initiative seeks to address any skills mismatch in our economy by collecting real-time local labour market information. This level of data is not captured by other organizations and collecting information on current openings, while also looking to the year ahead will help employers, job seekers, colleges, universities, school boards, and community organizations understand what is happening right now in Hamilton. 
The Hire Learning Initiative includes:
Quarterly job vacancy reports 

What is labour market information? 

  • Labour market information (LMI) provides valuable insights into labour market conditions and trends at the local, provincial and national level.
  • LMI is accurate knowledge, facts and statistics that tell a story about what is happening in a particular place from the perspective of the supply and demand of labour.
LMI is used to:
  • Identify labour market supply (our local workforce) / demand (our local employers)
  • To profile current labour market conditions
  • To understand and recognize trends in the labour market
  • To predict outlooks for various occupational groups based on a variety of structural factors (economic, demographic, social, political)
  • To provide input for and stimulate further research into informed employment and career decisions
  • WPH research and publications provide up-to-date labour market information that can help job seekers and employers make informed decisions about careers, education, employment and business plans.